Venture and Private Equity

Venture Capitalists and Private Equity Funded Companies Benefit From Iconic’s Start Up Expertise

Entrepreneurs, Venture & PE investors typically invest hundreds of thousands or 10’s of millions of dollars on start up ventures who bring a new product, idea or service to the market. One of the most critical elements to Venture success is properly and exhaustively protecting your intellectual property rights. Second, is creating, refining and continuously evolving your cutting edge product or service in a form factor that will be effortlessly consumable by the mass market. The third challenge is creating a solid plan to effectively and quickly build mass market demand for your products or services. With those elements in place, there is solid foundation for growth and long term success for the company and its investors.

Iconic’s team has proven hands on track record of multiple successful “cutting edge” product launches in different industries ensure your product or services are fully realized, expanded and patent protected for maximum market exclusivity and pure profit licensing revenue. Creating just one newly discovered product, service concept or advantage could be the difference between Iconic success or failure.

Iconic’s Venture Specific services greatly improve your odds of success.

Intellectual property is the backbone and competitive edge behind most successful corporate brands & products.

Iconic will help create and maintain your IP strategy Plan in tandem with your current Patent Attorney or Firm. We fill in the gap between executive management, engineers, designers, marketing, manufacturing and patent attorneys to ensure you have the strongest and broadest patent coverage possible to deter the competition and increase profit margins.

Highly experienced in patent filing, strategy, future proofing patents claim construction and product design, Iconic Invention’s patent mining & product development services provide a highly personalized intellectual property management service including regularly scheduled onsite visits and hands on patent preparation, best practices education, documentation and strategy which will ensure the maximum patent protection and critical patent filings possible.

Whether investing in or opertating with risk capital, Iconic will greatly increase return on capital and bottom line growth!

“A successful Jockey can place any horse”

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