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Iconic Inventions provides a very unique service for patent law firms to provide their clients

Per Diem, On-Site Patent Management, Inventive Design, & Strategy Expert

Highly experienced in patent filing, claim construction and product design, Iconic Invention’s patent mining & product development services provide a highly personalized intellectual property management service for your clients, including regularly scheduled on-site visits and hands on patent preparation, best practices education, policy, and strategy.

We work directly with you to ensure the maximum patent protection possible for your clients’ key products and services. Iconic  also provides  your  clients’ creative team with product design & marketing consulting services such as product reviews & concept expansion opportunities as part of our service.

Iconic works directly with the patent attorney and the client to make the patent process more efficient for the patent attorney and the client’s key innovation team. Our service reduces days or weeks of preparation work for both the client and attorney. Attorney’s are afforded more focused resources  to allocate to claim construction, invention expansion and filing strategy producing high quality filings.  Key development teams and inventors also have more time to focus on their critical projects and deadlines. 

Iconic Inventions has mined and assisted in the composition of patent filings for over 40 patent applications relating to billion dollar product lines and is a named inventor of over 15 patents and pending patents.

Provide an experience IP manager for your clients at a fraction of the typical cost:

Iconic’s team actively monitors client’s product development cycles and consulting services are provided as required without the need to hire a full time IP manager. Iconic allows your clients to have a competitive edge and added level of expertise that are afforded to larger corporations during critical product development cycles.

Iconic reviews ongoing projects, designs, specifications, identifies patentable concepts, prioritizes filings, reviews them with the team and secures required client approvals to commence filing. We also provide critical patent strategy and product development services to start up technology ventures. Iconic also provides patent concept and claim expansion in anticipation of market trends and new technologies.

Lastly, we ensure patents are filed at an optimum time during the development cycle and prior to marketing initiatives.

Higher level of personalized IP services provided to the client :

Iconic will provide an iintimate understanding of the client’s overall business with quarterly scheduled visits and consistent product development reviews. We become “part” of the development & patent protection team. Updates and status information are continuously shared with the attorney.

Significantly Increase the # of annual filings per client :

Our proactive on-site education, inter-department patent mining & education keeps IP protection as a forefront pillar of product development process and profitability.

Professional Patent Preparation Equals More Efficient filings:

Reduced attorney hours per application spent on on-site mining, reviewing and sorting invention documentation preparation, prioritizing invention filings, inventor determination, declarations, and reduced travel. Receive Professionally Prepared and formatted Patent documents, including claim construction concepts.

Refer Iconic to your clients today, to provide the highest level of intellectual property and product development services while greatly increasing your base business potential.

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