Services for Inventors

Getting early guidance from an experienced and successful inventing team is critical to your success.

If you have a solid new idea, product, technology, or software application, Iconic has the experience to bring your idea or patent to the market. In fact, the perfect combination of innovation, creativity, vision, IP protection, pricing, marketing, quality design & manufacturing, and the ideal market conditions are needed to be “Iconic” and successful in the inventing business.

During our initial phase of work together, we will carefully and thoroughly review and evaluate your concept, potential patent strength, uniqueness, and its overall market potential. In phase two, we begin Iconic’s 10 Step Invention Process to prepare your product or service for licensing or manufacturing. (See our “The Process” Banner)

Who do you want on your invention team?

  • A track record of billion dollar product sales.
  • Patent Creation, Licensing, Strategy & Management Experience.
  • A highly creative team who can deliver mass market unique products and features.
  • Hands on success from concept to commercialization.
  • Garage inventing to large corporate product development experience.
  • Product design, development, prototyping and manufacturing expertise.

Contact us today, submit your Inventor Submission Form and begin your own American Dream!

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