Services for Corporations

The value of  an  aggressively managed patent protection and licensing strategy is clear:

Corporations invest millions or 10’s of millions of dollars bringing a new product, idea or service to the market.  Therefore, it is very important to use strategic and creative service from a team who has proven hands on track record of multiple successful mass market product launches in different industries to ensure your product and patent coverage are the strongest possible. The quality of your patent protection and uniqueness of your product or service will be the difference between Iconic success or failure.

Intellectual property is the backbone and competitive edge behind most successful Iconic corporate brands & products.  Without strong IP protection, companies are forced into a “commodity position” along with the associated unstable and razor-thin “commodity” margins.  In addition, competitors can patent innovations which can exclude competition or force high royalty payments, dramatically lowering profit margins.

A solidly executed IP protection plan produces significantly higher margins, category exclusivity, and added protection from litigation against  competitors.  A strong patent portfolio also offers entry into competitors technologies via cross licensing agreements. Pure-profit patent licensing revenue streams generated from a strong patent portfolio can add significant profits to the bottom line for the 20 year life of the patent.

Iconic will help create and maintain your IP strategy Plan in tandem with your current Patent Attorney or Firm.   Business climates,  new killer ap technologies, consumer & economic trends  can  dramatically transform your market  and competitive landscape from month to month.  We provide a consistent hands on patent protection strategy from a business perspective.  Without incurring the cost of a full time in house IP manager, we fill in the gap between executive management, engineers, designers, marketing, manufacturing and patent attorneys to ensure you have the strongest and broadest patent coverage possible to deter the competition and increase profit margins.

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