The Process

Our 10-Step Inventing Process 

How Do I Invent Something?

Step 1: Identify A Need Or Problem.

Step 2: Ideation: How Do We Solve That Problem?

Step 3: Sketch Inventive Designs & Concepts.

Step 4: Market & Patent Research: What’s Already Out There?

Step 5: Design and Fabricate Alpha Model/Prototype.

Step 6: Brand & Test, Refine Prototype. Does It Work?

Step 7: Manufacturing Preparation: Redesign, Product Cost, BOM (Bill Of Materials)

Step 8: Expand Inventive Concept: Compose & File Patents.

Step 9: Demonstrate: Videos, Brochures, Target Companies & Trade shows.

Step 10: License Product! Earn Royalties. Repeat!!

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