At the age of 24, John Devecka joined two first-time entrepreneurs who patented and created a prototype of the world’s first vacuum robotic ice cream vending machine.


Trying to bring music to the masses among a sea of violent video games, John patented a new genre of video games called “Music Video Games” based on musical instrument controllers, like electronic drums and guitars with simple buttons. With PVC pipes, spray paint and wood, he built “Studio X”, the world’s first drumming video game in his parent’s garage.


John’s best friends and bandmates, Al Roque and Eric Berkowitz join the company and help launch the first drumming music video game which had great success. Drumscape production begins.


Fastcorp is producing and manufacturing the number one selling frozen vending machine in the world, endorsed and branded by the largest multi-billion dollar ice cream brands in the world. Their technology is also use for snack, cigar and perfume vending machines. Their robotic vending revolutionized the vending industry.


Devecka Signs Alliance with MTV for co-branding the game and is featured on MTV shows, tours and news reports. MTV Drumscape is a top 10 earning attraction all across the US & Europe.


John co-develops Roll-N-Edge a non-mechanical lawn edger that applies a precise 1 inch line of herbicide to the edge of your lawn in minutes.


John owns the first patents relating to modern music games and sells his world wide music game patent rights to Activision for Guitar Hero and joins their game development team. Guitar Hero becomes the highest selling video game, ever.


John Invents Robo Retractibles, the world’s first mess free standard art supply system!


Play With Me is the world’s first interactive toys and play sets that actually play highly interactive and reactive games with your child.


The Magik Glow Trimmer is the world’s most precise and safe kid’s craft trimmer.


Iconic Inventions Is Founded. The Iconic studio is currently developing incredible Internet, Mobile, and Music Products.

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