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“Iconic’s CEO, John Devecka has a solid and impressive track record for identifying, creating, and launching cutting-edge new concepts and making them a reality.”

Very few individuals in the world have the vision to independently patent and invent key concepts behind multi billion-dollar selling Iconic global products. John Devecka, CEO of Iconic Inventions, is one of those talented few entrepreneurs who had  vision to pioneer and patent his first multi-billion dollar idea at the age of 26 years old starting with a music game called MTV Drumscape.  John was ultimately the first to invent  and create a global patent portfolio (Circa 1996) that related to the “Iconic” Multi Billion Dollar Guitar Hero Franchise as well as other music games.  John was tapped by Activision to work on the Guitar Hero and  other “Hero” franchises  and has created  innovative  music game designs , concepts, technology  as well as provided patent mining and management for the billion dollar franchise since 2006.

John has mined and  prepared filings for over 40 patent applications and is an named or sole inventor of over 10 patents.

By the age of 37, billions of dollars of revenue were generated from various products covered and licensed by his patents in the US, Asia, Europe and all around the world.  John’s international patents and numerous other pending patents in the field of video games cover various instruments such as the Iconic button guitar, drums, vocals, keyboards, and DJ. The multi billion dollar Guitar Hero Franchise and other similar music video games have become one of the biggest pop culture phenomenon’s of this generation and holds the title as the biggest selling video game of all time.  John was first to envision the potential for this music game genre.

In 1996, Devecka  identified a massive untapped opening in the billion dollar video game market, as well predicted the public’s insatiable desire to “play musical instruments” when provided an approachable and exciting musical experience. Devecka also properly  and effectively protected his inventions with strong international patent protection. His  new video game genre concept was started in his parent’s garage in Clifton, NJ in 1996  and turned out to be an Epic 10-year “overnight” success story for John.


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